an abbreviated version of our Market rules and regulations. 


1. Approved Trading Hours and Days



The Trading Season starts on the 1st of September and finishes on the 30th of April.


The Trading Hours are:


September, October, November, March and April - Saturdays and Sundays; and all Public Holidays from 11.15 am till 8 pm.


December, January, and February - Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays; and all Public Holidays from 11.15 am till 8 pm. Different hours apply for NYE.


Traders and equipment are not permitted on site before the start of the market and must remove all their equipment from area before the above finishing time. The area must be left free of rubbish. Traders are not permitted to trade on the market site outside these times.


2. Presentation

All stalls must be presented in a professional manner. Any tables used must not be higher than one metre tall and must be covered with a table cloth that extends to the ground.

Spare stock in cardboard boxes etc must be not visible to the public. 

Traders must use a table or clothing racks to display your goods, you may not display your goods on the ground. No milk crates or bread trays may be used.  

All of your equipment, stock etc must be within your allocated space at all times.

Your stall must be set up safely and must not be a hazard to passersby.


3. Tents and Marquees


Tents and Marquees are not permitted with the exception of massage stalls at very rear of market.



4. Public Liability Insurance


Traders must have their own public liability insurance and a copy must be provided to Bondi Beach Markets prior to trading.

5. Unloading and Parking

Loading and unloading of vehicles must be via legal street parking, or unloading zones.You may need a trolley to assist you.

All vehicles associated with the stall holders shall comply with the provisions of the Motor Traffic Act and not stand, or park contrary to 'No Standing', 'No Parking' or 'No Stopping' signs etc.

Free parking may be found 2 blocks or more away from the market area in North Bondi.


No stock is allowed on site prior to 11am without exception.

6. Rubbish

All stall holders must leave their site & surrounding area clean and clear of all rubbish on departure.  No rubbish is to be put in private or business bins in the vicinity of the market.  



7. Plastic Bags 


Council regulations require market stall holders to use recyclable or biodegradable packaging. Polystyrene packaging or plastic bags are not allowed.



8. Selling


No spruiking is allowed. Traders may only sell to customers that are directly in front or within their stall. Stallholders may not sell to customers of a different stall, Stallhoders may not approach members of the public.


Stallholders must sell from within their stall site. Stallholders may not sell from in front of their tables.


Stallholders may not make false claims about their products to customers of the Bondi Beach Market. This includes and is not limited to whether products are hand made, and the country of origin.



9. Music


Music may be played, but cannot be louder than 5dBA higher than background noise. This is a requirement of Waverley Council. No busking is permitted.



10. Alcohol


Alcohol may not be consumed in Roscoe St Mall. The market area falls within an alcohol free zone.



11. Rain


In the case of rain, stallholders may not take shelter under the awnings of neighbouring shops and restaurants. This is forbidden even if consent is given by the relevant shop or restaurant.



Please Note:

This is a community market and we operate on the principles of non-violence - under no circumstances are acts of discrimination, intimidation, verbal abuse, threats or harm to others tolerated.  Failure to adhere to the terms of the BBCM rules and regulations will terminate your trading rights and you will be told to leave.  All disputes will be dealt with by the manager, with the full backing of the BBCM committee.